Surgery service deals with patients from the income until the time of hospital discharge, receiving close monitoring anesthetic and perioperative care carefully.

If your pet needs to undergo a surgical procedure or diagnostic test requiring anesthesia, must be cited previously, the time of admission from 9 am – 10:30 h in the morning. (Refer to income outside of normal hours for exceptional cases).

Essential food of minimum 12 h fast. The water may withdraw the same morning of the intervention.

Surgeries are performed after a thorough reassessment of each case including thorough pre-op, obligatory for every patient who needs surgery:complete analytical and study electrocardiographic (compulsory in all cases) heart and other analyses and complementary image tests (x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, RM) according to the need of each case and patient.

They must sign income surgical Act consent sheet or sedation to authorize it, after a team veterinarian explain again the case, explain questions and type of procedure to be performed, as well as risks inherent in anesthesia.

It is important, if possible, ensure a good sanitary condition before entering the operating room and make a bath and external deworming for fleas and ticks in the days prior to the date of the surgery.

Once the surgery or anesthesia, one of the surgeons or veterinarian of the team in charge of the case, called him to inform and comment time collected.

Routine surgeries are outpatient, in which the patient enters in the morning and is discharged in the evening. In the case of more complex surgeries or that the patient required we have the ICU service for postoperative recovery.

Discharge of the animal, is explain plan postquirurgico and testing diagnostic carried out, as well as the high standards.

In some cases and according to the type of surgery performed, it may be necessary that your pet remain hospitalized 24 hours to monitor your anesthesia recovery.

The veterinarian responsible for the case you comment on your pet visiting hours and explain the conditions of admission (same in hospital).

The veterinarian will an indicative budget prior to surgery requesting your signed authorization, and shall be informed of any changes by diagnostic tests that require your pet. Our administrative rules require us to require the payment of 50% of the budget at the time of entry, and subsequent subscription to the animal collection.

We hope that your stay in our heart is to your liking. We are at your disposal to clarify any questions you need.


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