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Service specialized in Dermatology.

Vetrinary Dermatology Center

Service specialized in dermatology madrid service specialized dermatology the problems of the skin are common in dogs and cats and animals exotic and must abordarse as before.

Our service of dermatology diagnose and is a wide variety of diseases and disorders of the skin of the animals associated to:

– infections bacterianas

– infections for fungus

– Parasitary diseases

– viral infections

– Alergic  diseases of the skin

– autoinmune/ inmunitary diseases

-endocrine or alopecia disorders

-genetic patology of the skin.

These diseases thay offten affecs skin, the nail and the flags headphones. The disease of the skin also can presented as a demonstration of a process internal underlying of disease.

So, besides of the dermatology, the dermatologists veterinary also are trained in medicine internal, immunology and allergy.

Us strive for offer therapies of dermatology veterinary modern and adapted to the needs of the pet in our center veterinarian designed for treat to the pets of the way more efficient and comfortable possible.

Dermatology  visit :

in each appointment , yogur veterinarian will revise the historial of your pet and will hold a test dermatological complete. Is possible that is require tests diagnósticas complemetarias for arrive to a correct diagnostic and can offer a protocol therapeutic adequate obtaining so a evaluation precise of its pet with symptoms dermatológicos. Us especializamos in implementation of the following tests diagnósticas specific for patients dermatológicos:

* inmunitherapy:

if there is suspicion of allergy environmental, plantearemos implementation of test of allergy intradérmica idat as procedure more reliable for determine what alérgenos environmental affect to its pet. This test is similar to the test of allergy in medicine human. For make this test, is injected approximately 50 alérgenos in a pattern sequential. These alérgenos are compounds for several types of grass, pólenes undergrowth, mohos, some insects and alérgenos domestic (for example, mites of dust). If a patient is allergic to a allergen, the place of injection of allergen specific is will put red and inflamed (beehive) in 15 minutes. The same test can be carried out thru of sample of blood for determine to what alergenos environmental reacts its animal and can offer the therapy appropriate, however usually give many false positive to the be designed for human. Before make the tests of allergy for the desencadenantes environmental, we will discarded other allergies potential, as the allergy to the food and the allergy to the fleas. The drugs as the corticoides, antihistamines and the acids fatty must be suspended 2-4 weeks before the tests of allergy, already that these drugs can delete the reactions alérgicas and give as result a test false negative. Once obtained the result, formularemos a vaccine specific for its pets based in the results of the allergy as injection weekly.

* Video-otoscopia

the videootoscopia is a Diagnose last  generation tool enabling visualization superior inside of channel auditory and implementation of takes of samples for to establish protocols of treatment appropriate in cases of chronic otitis, assessment of anomalies timpánicas, tumors, extraction of bodies strange is used endoscopio rigid small with recording of images, allowing make cleanliness headphone or flushing deep. Is made under anesthesia general for minimize risks during the procedure, being a procedure very insurance.

*  Service of dermatohistopatología.

In occasions there is that make takes of sample of skin affected thru of biopsy of the portion cutaneous of the skin for its classification and possible identification of the changes inside of the sample of tissue.

The cytology of the skin also is used for identify infections and cells that are indicativas of disorders autoinmunes or for diagnosis of otitis chronic is collected samples of the cells and pelos and any microorganism present.

The crops of dermatofitos is used for identify the ringworm (a type of infection for mushrooms). A substance similar to a gel that changes of color is uses for grow, isolate and identify agencies of the ringworm. The pcr fúngica is used for identify more quickly the agencies of the ringworm in the animals.

The bacterial cultivation  and tests of susceptibility is very useful for cases of recidiva of symptomatology or of answer partial to line of therapy medical.

Is used a hyssop sterile for collecting a sample of the skin infected with the end of make cultivation and identification of the bacteria that cause the infection of the skin in its pet.

Is made tests of sensitivity to the antibiotics in the isolation for generate a list of antibiotics effective for treat the bacteria specific cultivated, especially he cases of resistance each is more habitual.

*  cutaneous diseased medites by immunity or hipersensibility

there is many types of disorders of hypersensitivity, as hypersensitivity to the food, atopia (allergy ambientale), dermatitis for sting of insect and dermatitis of contact. Our service of dermatology will evaluate to its pet and will analyze a plan therapeutic adequate for you and its pet.

If is suspicion of hypersensitivity to the food (reaction allergic to a substance in the diet of a pet) is used a test of food hipoalergénicos for diagnose allergies to the food.

Is it based on feeding your  pet thru of a test of diet of six to eight weeks that consists in a fountain of protein (as rabbit, lamb or horse) and a fountain of carbohydrates (as the potato) to the that the pet not has state exposed previously. There is that make of form strict during diagnosing.

*  cutáneos disorders and infectious and parasitic

Is often diagnose through scraping superficial and deep the scrapings of skin is used for diagnose any component parasitic that could be causing symptoms of allergy in its pet or animal. Is used a blade desafilada for scratch the skin obtaining sample of scraping superficial and deep obtaining so samples of cells of the skin and any parasite that can be present.

* Endocrine Disorders

identify problems endocrinos the before possible is important in dogs, cats and animals exotic. These conditions serious and potentially fatal are much more manageable when is detected early, the that us allows begin a treatment adequate and avoid risks.

The system endocrine is formed for a group of tissues (in its majority glands) that released hormones in the torrent blood regulating the metabolism, the growth and the reproduction and is disperse in different areas of body, depending of the function of the hormone.

When is alters a balance hormonal (for a tumor or a disease autoimmune, for example), is can develop a disorder endocrine.

There is several disorders endocrinos habitual that cause symptomatology cutaneous, affecting normally besides to the weight, appetite, energy ..etc:

the disease of addison (hipoadrenocorticismo) and the disease of cushing (hiperadrenocorticismo), although the disease of cushing is rare in the cats.

The diabetes mellitus is caused for a deficiency or resistance to the hormone insulin. The hypothyroidism, that often is diagnosed in dogs, indicates that the animal has levels low of hormone tiroidea.

The hipertiroidismo, that with frequency affects to the cats, indicates that the animal has high levels of hormones tiroideas.

* laser surgery

our laser  lumix veterinary of fisioline is a strong and safe and very precise laser that is used for eliminate small masses superficial. The benefits of make this surgery include less pain and bleeding, a recovery quicker and no material of suture nor possibility of infection postoperative.

* Cryotherapy

the cryotherapy is a procedure in the that applies nitrogen liquid to a lesion of the skin during some seconds, that freezes destroying the cells affected of the skin. The cryotherapy with nitrogen liquid applies with anesthesia local and is appropriate for multiple nodules benign small and medium already that not is necessary the anesthesia general.



if your pet has era problems , skin problems or allergies, can maje aún appointment with our service of specialty with the confidence of be attended in a center with the better equipment and for personal qualified with more of 20 years of experience in management of pathologies dermatológicas. Us strive for improve the quality of life of our patients to the offer attention dermatological specialized, compassionate and polite. Us members of the esvd (the european society of veterinary dermatologists) since ago more of 10 years and offer service of dermatology of high quality for its tranquility.

If you have been forwarded for its veterinarian habitual, we will send report dermatological complete and tests diagnósticas for mail in 24-48h download, print and complete the form of record of patient and llévelo to its first date. ******



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