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Veterinary acupuncture service Madrid: laserpuncture, electroacupuncture, acuapuncture, hemopuncture

Acupuncture stimulates the body’s repair mechanisms in the nervous system, the immune system and the hormonal and cellular systems, being very safe when possible and accepting most animals.

Acupuncture treatment must first follow a diagnosis and an evaluation of the requirements of all treatment options. In many cases, acupuncture is best used in combination with conventional medicine and, in some conditions, it can be used as the only treatment, helping to minimize the needs of medications in many cases.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles at specific points in the body to produce a healing response. Each acupuncture point has specific actions when it is estimated. The needles used are very thin and most are inserted in points of the animal that are not painful. Most dogs, including cats and rabbits, accepted acupuncture treatment without any discomfort.

In some cases, electroacupuncture is used with a small electric current for the different muscle groups and nerves, which is also very well accepted. day
The needles can be left between 5 and 20 minutes depending on the case and 4-6 weekly treatments are required until the desired effect is achieved. The frequency of treatments depends on the needs of each animal, but the long-term therapeutic effect must often be maintained. Each pet will have a treatment plan adapted to their individual needs. Sometimes special modification programs can be used to work in conjunction with the acupuncture regimen and in many cases acupuncture is combined with conventional medicine.

Acupuncture is usually indicated for pathologies that cause inflammation and pain such as:

– Musculoskeletal diseases: arthritis, intervertebral disc disease, postoperative surgery Traumatology.
-Patology respiratory: feline asthma.

– Reproductive pathologies: sterility.
-Patologies of skin: granulomas and atopic dermatitis.
– Gastrointestinal diseases: diarrhea.

-Patology urinary: bladder stones, inocntinencia..etc

It is not required after the session to change the normal exercise, feeding or medication routine unless your veterinarian recommends it.

The use of acupuncture alone or in combination with other therapies can improve the speed and quality of recovery and avoid the medication regimen.

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