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Veterinary exotic animals Madrid

In recent times, exotic pets such as birds, reptiles, rodents or mustelids have become popular. In more and more Spanish homes we find macaws, lovebirds, chameleons, snakes, rabbits … All these species have specific characteristics and, therefore, health problems very different from those of the most common pets, which must be treated by veterinarians who know the ailments of each animal in particular.

We have specific attention for all types of exotic animals

At Vetcare Hospital Veterinario 24 hours, we have professional veterinarians specialized in the veterinary care of exotic animals in Madrid. We have the technical and human resources to offer you the best care for your pet. We are aware of the importance of prevention, that is why we offer periodic reviews of all aspects of an animal’s health, making a continuous follow-up.

Veterinary laboratory | Diagnostic imaging

We have our own analysis laboratory and diagnostic imaging and consultation of various specialties: traumatology, internal medicine, dermatology, reproduction, ophthalmology, dentistry, infectious diseases, pediatrics, etc. We also have a surgery service, with modern operating rooms and hospitalization service, with which pets are not only monitored but also feel at home.

Veterinary emergencies 24 hours

We also have emergency service 24 hours 365 days a year, so that your pet receives the best care at all times, and we have a home help service, since we have a mobile UVI, because sometimes it is better to attend to the animal in his own home.

We serve the entire area of ​​Madrid Norte, to locations such as Alcobendas, San Sebastian de los Reyes, Fuente el Saz, Humanes, Algete, San Agustín de Guadalix, as well as the bordering towns of Guadalajara. In addition, we also advise on habitat, behavior and customs or feeding of all kinds of exotic animals. Contact us if you want to send us your inquiry

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