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In Vetcare Veterinary Hospital 24h  we have an Area of ​​300m2 dedicated exclusively to cats, offering high quality veterinary care in a calm and friendly environment for cats.

We understand that coming with your cat for a feline preventive clinical examination can be a stressful experience. That is why we have adapted our center for the comfort of your cat. We want your cat’s experience to be positive so that we can work and make sure It receives the necessary veterinary attention for a long and healthy life while minimizing the xtress.

At our Center we offer 24 hour feline veterinary service of complete provide veterinary care of excellent quality throughout the life of your cat. Our facilities are designed to offer complete surgical medical care as needed during your lifetime.

Whether it’s a new kitten, a healthy adult cat or an older adult cat with a chronic pathology, our veterinarians and nurses have the knowledge and experience to give your pet’s unique needs.

As active members of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAPF), our veterinarians are trained in the latest advances in feline veterinary medicine and our hospital is equipped with the latest technology and diagnostic equipment that allow us to quickly and accurately identify problems of health of the pets, making quick and precise diagnoses to be able to establish the best treatment protocol.

If you would like more information about the veterinary services we offer at our Center, please contact us. We hope to meet you and your feline companion !:

-Phones 916200098- 609045384

– Mail

-WhatsApp: 673267276

We congratulate the entire Center Team for obtaining the gold certificate of the AAFP, recognizing them as a “Cat Friendly Clinic  gold category” as the maximum certificate in quality of care, equipment, experience training in our Feline Internal Medicine Center.

Visit for more information about this certificate where you can find us



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