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Veterinary reproduction


The reproduction service at Vetcare Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing exceptional care to your pet.

The services that go from the:

– evaluation prior to pregnancy

– transcervical vaginal or endoscopic insemination (TCI)

– the evaluation of pregnancy

– scheduled cesareans

– postpartum care

Diagnostic tests:

– Determination of progesterone
– Tests of Brucella canis
– Semen collection and quality evaluation.
– Ultrasonography and digital radiology for males and females
– Approach and diagnosis of infertility problems for males and females
We always insist that the entire team makes an effort to help your pet stay pregnant, the application of our protocols and veterinary diagnostic means does not guarantee pregnancy.

Our staff will make a budget for each procedure prior to carrying them out

You can get information at the Dog Health Information Center (CHIC) associated with race clubs about the health problems that prevail in specific races subject to control:

Sedation will be necessary in some of the procedures as well as preoperative performance

At Vetcare Hospital Veterinario 24 hours we are a specialist veterinary reproduction center in Madrid and Guadalajara. We serve localities such as Daganzo, El Molar, Alcobendas, Alalpardo, Valdetorres, Talamanca, Barajas, Paracuellos, Cobeña, Fuente El Saz, Algete, etc.

Reproduction is one of the most important moments that our animal will face and, therefore, it has to be treated in a personalized manner and carefully monitored by professionals.

As we have modern Veterinary Diagnostic Equipment by image, we can offer you a detailed follow-up of all the stages of the gestation of your animal. We have a color ultrasound service, which is much more accurate. In addition, we also have a digital radiology and diagnostic device, TAC 64 cuts

Reproduction is one of the most important stages in the life of our animal

We serve cats and dogs and also exotic animals, in which we have specialized in our more than 20 years of experience.

We are a veterinary medical center in Madrid that attends all specialties. We have the most modern facilities to make an accurate diagnosis, as well as an effective treatment for any kind of ailment.

Emergency 24 hours Madrid

We also take care of emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we have a veterinary assistance service at home, because thanks to our mobile UVI we can reach any point near our clinic very quickly, in addition to having with all the necessary means to attend any case.

Contact us if you want information about your specific case: our team of 20 experienced veterinary professionals will be happy to assist you.

Phones 916200098-609045384


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