Our center has the latest technology to attend your pets and provide more accurate diagnoses quickly and easily.

Service available 24 hours of Hospitalización for any animal that require special attention and monitoring, surgical ICU open 24 hours and 24 hours of hospitalization and surgery team always available to assist their pets by offering a personalized high quality care.

We have facilities for performing advanced surgery in veterinary medicine. Our operating rooms are equipped with inhalation anesthesia equipment, ventilator, anesthetic monitor and instrumentation to perform any surgery: soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive surgery and exotic, which ensures maximum safety surgical procedures performed in our facilities.

Vetcare Veterinary Hospital is a referral Veterinary center with over 20 years of experience, and able to accommodate up to 60patients by providing intensive care, medical, surgical and rehabilitation services.

We have a large reception area and 15 parking for the convenience of customers.

We have likewise 7consulting rooms and a big hospitalization are:

– Canine hospitalization (120m2)

– Feline hospitalization (20m2)

– Hospitalization of exotic animals (20m2)

– Infectious feline hospitalization (20m2)

– Infectious canine hospitalization (40m2)

each room has got  Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and all of them equipped with its own ventilation system, separate monitoring fluids and rest of the hospital.

hospitalization kennels and intensive care unit are provided with infusion pumps, oxygen therapy systems and thermoregulation to assist and monitor the animals requiring admission to the center, who enter emergency 24hours, or for postoperative operated animals in center.

Our own laboratory allows us to test as biochemistry, complete blood count (CBC), blood gases, electrolytes, coagulation profiles, Lactato,PAS and other advanced testing time our patients may require providing immediate results

We also have direct digital radiography, providing our veterinarians access to patient images from anywhere around the hospital; Addition of color Doppler ultrasound, endoscopy service and digital microscopy.

Our Center is quality certified in all services: Hospitalization, Emergency service, Surgery and by the College of Veterinarians of Madrid which ensures the highest quality in veterinary care provided, ensuring at all times the animal welfare.


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