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The correct diagnosis is essential to establish an effective treatment for any kind of ailment step. Therefore, in Vetcare Veterinary Hospital we have specialized in making more accurate diagnoses so that your pet receives the most appropriate treatment and thereby ensure its complete cure.

To do this, we have the most modern and effective methods of veterinary diagnostic imaging, which assure us find in all cases the root of the unrest.

Types imaging

In our center we have teams:

  • Digital Radiography: with this technique radiologic images digitally scanned are obtained. It is used both in human and veterinary medicine and in dentistry. It is more convenient and faster because no hardware is needed to watch and allows greater sharpness, which helps the diagnosis more precise.
  • Color ultrasound ecography: This is a very new technique to see traditional ultrasounds color thanks to a process developed to highlight the pathology with the colors and improve the approach to the correct diagnosis. With it you can see diseases that are difficult to detect with ultrasound in black and white, such as vascular disorders, tumors …
  • Endoscopy: a very effective technique, used to detect a host of problems that at first sight are impossible to diagnose.
  • Tac 64 cuts: state-of-the-art advanced diagnostic imaging with contrast pump.
  •  Magnetic Resonance (external service)
    For any ailment suffered by your pet can guarantee a complete service, because we have a veterinary hospital for cases requiring observation, as well as general veterinary medicine, including all common specialties such as orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, internal medicine, etc.

We serve the entire area of ​​Madrid Norte, to places like Alcobendas, Algete, Cobeña, Barajas, Paracuellos, Valdetorres, Alalpardo, Daganzo, San Sebastián e los reyes, Fuente El Saz, Humanes … And to neighboring towns in the province of Guadalajara. Contact us if you want more information.

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