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Specialized service in Veterinary Cardiology in Madrid

The Veterinary Cardiology Service of our Center n the Hospital is committed to providing an exceptional level of care to patients of dogs, cats and exotic animals suffering from various heart diseases.

We specialize in both veterinary cardiac veterinary medical intervention (cardiac catheterization) and pets with heart conditions.

Our goal is to provide the best evaluation of treatment options and help each owner make appropriate decisions regarding the medical care of their pet.

Your pet will receive the highest quality veterinary care from our team of specialists, including certified veterinary cardiologists, critical care experts, internists, anesthesiologists and highly qualified veterinary nurses.

If your case is derived from another Veterinary Clinic, we will maintain constant communication with your usual veterinarian to send tests and clinical reports whether you remain hospitalized or if you are sent only for diagnostic tests

Services offered

– Complete physical examination
– Doppler and oscillometric blood pressure
– Veterinary echocardiography
– Veterinary Electrocardiography (ECG)
– Holter monitoring 24 hours (hospitalization)
– Valvuloplasty with balloon
– Embolization of persistent ductus arteriosus.

– Diagnostic cardiac catheterization
– Veterinary pacemaker implant
– Extraction of filarias / heart worm
– Veterinary vascular interventions (intrahepatic shunt ..)


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