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therapeutic laser service:

In our new veterinary hospital we have new technology of last generation veterinary laser therapy for the resolution of a multitude of pathologies treating a multitude of patients (dogs, cats and exotic animals) with success:
Relief of skeletal muscle pain
• Wound healing
• Disk disease
• Relief of postoperative pain.
• Joint degenerative disease
• Dermatological problems: dermatitis, granuloma by licking ..
• Periodontal disease
• Gingivitis
• Otitis

Depending on the type of pathology treated, the modalities and the doses used, the laser radiation acts by increasing the threshold of painful perception by means of the direct action on the algógenas nerve endings and, indirectly, stimulating the release of endorphins.
In addition, the induced active laser hyperemia and macrophage activation, reducing ischemia and local stasis of endogenous alghero substances, exclude other possible causes of pain and inflammation. The restoration of cell membrane potential contributes to the interruption of the contracture-vasoconstriction-pain triad and to the healing of inflammation.
As regards the injury of different tissues, experimental evidence has shown that laser radiation determines a regenerative biological stimulation.

The effects of laser therapy are evident after the first application:
The laser allows your pet:

* rehabilitate faster after a surgery or any traumatic injury.

* Alleviate pain and improve mobility without the need for excessive use of drugs, and even avoid surgeries.

* Laser therapy will relieve the pain of your pet geriatric improving their quality of life.

* Dermatological disorders such as granulomas due to licking, and otologics such as chronic ear infections, which cause severe pain.

Our laser therapy offers immediate results, without side effects.

Appointments by phone or mail:
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