We deal with managing animals adoptions in Madrid of the cases that are attended every day in our Veterinary Hospital
If you want to know what animals need homes, or if you know of any case of animals that need our help to disseminate and find a good home, please contact us.
Our greatest concern is urgently find new homes for stray dogs and cats who are currently in foster homes.
The requirements that apply to adopted animals are The same as the ones that asociations aply:  

    Commitment from which the adopted animal receives the fondness and the necessary care to be a healthy and happy dog

  • to Have more than 18 years
  • to Come to our Veterinary Center (to ask for appointment) as soon as they deliver to him the animal to put microchip, vaccines and desparasitar
  • to Sterilize the animals
  • to Admit that the protectors should realize pursuit
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    You can collaborate with us, there are lots of animals that need your help. You can collaborate with:

    • House of temporary reception
    • Blankets, troughs and old necklaces
    • Economic Donations: the hospital donates all the quarters a percentage of their profits to send animals abroad to be adopted, castrations, medications for sick animals or food

    Equally you can make donations to the various protective with which we work. You can consult the listing published in our web site and thank you all for your collaboration , there are many animals that need your help.



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