Veterinary endoscopy

SERVICE AND ENDOSCOPY Minimally Invasive Surgery:
We provide our clients and clinics that we usually refer cases, our Service 24h Endoscopy and Minimally invasive surgery.
Endoscopy allows visualization and detailed inspection
the scanned body, as well as identifying character inflammatory lesions, neoplastic or obstructive (foreign bodies, estenosis..etc)
The advantages of minimally invasive endoscopic and are:
Better visualization of anatomical structures.
Recovery of the animals in less time and decreased postoperative complications.
Facilitates the collection of samples for laboratory study (histopathology, microbiologic culture, etc.)
Therefore, it offers high diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical potential for all dogs, cats and exotic animals (NAC) who regularly come to our hospital, so that improves the handling of certain underdiagnosed or impossible conditions to diagnose by other conventional diagnostic tests .
Endoscopic techniques:
previous complete preoperative study performed includes: complete analysis, coagulation tests and electrocardiogram, as they all require general anesthesia:
endoscopic technique by which the external auditory canal, tympanic membrane and middle ear is explored.
Allows assessment Malignancies and biopsy of the ear canal,
Removal of foreign bodies, assess cleaning Otitis media and tympanic bulla in trepanation of the same, Wash middle ear myringotomy, or
for choice of surgical technique for the treatment of otitis (Ablation or Zepp)
endoscopic technique for the exploration of the trachea and bronchi.
This technique allows for removal of foreign bodies, bronchoalveolar lavage, cytology, and evaluate cases of collapse of high or low respiratory tract, and respiratory Neoplasia for biopsy sampling.
endoscopic technique by which the larynx is explored to assess both physiological movements of the same, as their anatomy.
Allows the extraction of foreign bodies, tumors and perform biopsies value; and likewise assess cases of paralysis or laryngeal stenosis
, Elongated soft palate and obstructive respiratory syndrome in brachycephalic dogs (brachycephalic syndrome).
endoscopic technique by which explored the nasal cavity.
Suitable for the removal of foreign bodies, assessment of tumors with biopsy and cases of allergic rhinitis or fungal infection.
endoscopic technique for exploration stomach and duodenum.
It is indicated for the removal of foreign bodies; assessment of malignancies, vomiting and chronic gastritis, inflammatory bowel disease, disorders of motility or performing polypectomy, endoscopic probe positioning or gastropexia.
endoscopic technique for the exploration of the esophagus.
Suitable for the removal of foreign bodies and assessment of cases of esophageal stenosis, esophagitis, megaesophagus, neoplasias and hiatal hernias; and conducting polypectomies
and endoscopic dilatation of stenosis.
endoscopic technique for exploration of the rectum and colon.
It allows to assess cases of chronic diarrhea, neoplasias, inflammatory bowel disease, stenosis, ileus and cecocolic intussusception and parasitosis; and perform polypectomy and endoscopic dilation of stenosis
endoscopic technique for you to explore the urethra and urinary bladder.
This technique is indicated to assess cases of trauma, chronic cystitis, neoplasia, hematuria, ectopic ureter and urethral strictures and perform removal of uroliths and sampling.
endoscopic technique for you to explore the vaginal area.
Indicated to assess cases of vaginal stenosis and tumors; and performing artificial insemination and biopsy.
Thoracoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique through which you access the chest cavity in order to make diagnostic, surgical or therapeutic procedures.
Suitable for treatment of lung, pleural, or heart disease, as well as biopsy of pleura, lung, lymph nodes or heart.
Technical endoscopy for exploration of the abdominal cavity. It is a minimally invasive method by which the various abdominal organs is observed in order to locate and describe conditions or applying different surgical techniques.
It allows the assessment of cases of abdominal tumors, trauma, pancreatitis, kidney failure, pancreatic or liver; Laparoscopic surgery and conducting sampling.

As always, our team of professionals Center provides diagnostic methods and therapeutic most advanced in medicine or surgery in the service of their pets, to provide the highest quality of veterinary care both pet owners and to referring veterinarians, thus complying with the Quality Certification granted by the College of Veterinarians of Madrid to our Center.
** Advanced technology in diagnostic imaging service for your pets **



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