Neutering our pets has many benefits for your health and helps protect animals in general to contribute to avoid overpopulation and abandonment of them in kennels and shelters that are saturated with dogs and cats all races and ages .

This year we are making castration campaign  for dogs and cats with special Price  . Call us to find out about the conditions .

RECOMMENDATIONS :  We recommend castration in the following cases :

1.Behavior problems : aggression, urine marking …

2.Hereditary diseases : like animals with dysplasia , cryptorchidism ( undescended testicles do not descend ), allergies …

3.Disease prevention  : tumors of the breast or prostate , STDs .

4.Population control: if we have males and females that live together in the house.

The recommended age for the completion of the surgery will be before one year of age or before the first heat , to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to reduce hormonal influences on various pathologies such as tumors breast in females . Surgery can be done any age  doing a good preoperative reviewing to the pets .

SURGERY:  This is a surgery that is practiced routine that made ​​with a safe general anesthesia and appropriate monitoring , carries no risk to the animals.

We recommend  preoperative review of animals including a full blood test and electrocardiogram to assess the existence of possible diseases to assess the existence of possible pathologies and determine appropriate anesthetic protocol for each case based on age, sex , presence of pathologies …

POSTSURGERY: antibiotic therapy and care for a week needed. Usually recover in 2 to 3days .

Use of postoperative Elizabethan collar is also recommended to prevent animals from excessively licking the wound after surgery

· In females ovariohysterectomy performing surgical removal of ovaries and uterus.

· In males it is recommended orchiectomy or surgical removal of the testicles, better than vasectomy for reducing hormonal effect on behavior or health.

* For more information on this promotion , please contact us :

  • e-mail:
  • Teléfono del hospital: 91.620.00.98.//609045384// whatsup 673267276

* Prices and special conditions



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