Certified quality in all Veterinary Services


The school official of veterinarians of Madrid COVM through Aid Improve company, conducted audit in our Centre in 2014 and granted the certified quality services:<br> <br>EMERGENCY<br>SURGERY<br>HOSPITALIZATION<br>CONSULTATIONS<br>A certified Centre is a guarantee of quality of services, and it’s a completely voluntary membership, and a recognition of the great effort made by the team of professionals working in the Center daily, in a way q sets the degree of excellence in the quality of the services offered, the customer service and animal welfare.<br>The Director of Vetcare Hospital veterinarian , Dr Sara Gil Edwards, had long been working with his team on the adequacy of all its protocols to standard, and they were important changes in the Center and on the computer to be able to get it.<br>The main objective for the obtaining of the quality standard is to offer a service of excellent quality, transparent, adapted to the needs of the customer and promote a constant personal improvement and technique always thinking about animal welfare.<br>Go to a certified Center is choosing a veterinary Centre which is subject to the verification of all its services annually, bet by improving and worry by offering great customer service and welfare service to their pets.<br> <br>Aid Improve, consulting firm with extensive experience in the standardization and certification of systems, hired by the College of veterinarians of Madrid was in charge of conducting the audit assessing the work carried out in all areas of the Hospital for several days.<br> <br>The final decision on the certification was carried out by the certification Technical Committee, having been congratulated by professionalism and quality in all the services offered during the audit of the Centre.<br> <br>After the audit process and standardization of protocols of action, Ana Pérez as Vice President and José Luis Iglesias as Secretary of the official College of Madrid veterinarians made delivery of the certification of the “standard of management of quality for the centers of medicine veterinary of animals of company” Hospital veterinarian 24 h Fuente el Saz Director , the Dr. Sara Gil Edwards.<br>Certified quality standard will be available on our website and in our Center for all customers and owns pets who want to find out once completed and approved.<br> <br> <br>You can enlarge for details:<br>www.calidadveterinaria.com<br>Advance standard of quality:<br>www.colvema.org/pdf/norma.PDF<br> <br> <br> <br>This certification promoted by the official College of veterinarians, guarantees maximum quality customer service and attention.



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