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At the Veterinary Hospital Fuente El Saz we offer a veterinary hospital for the whole area of ​​northern Madrid, as well as the neighboring towns of Guadalajara. For over 15 years serving all kinds of animals and also in our facilities receive patients referred from other centers.

In our veterinary center we have cages hospitalization and intensive care, including infusion pumps to assist and monitor at all times to animals requiring admission for treatment has been established them in a routine review, as well as entering emergency, or for postoperative animals that they have undergone surgery at the center.

Hospitalization for operations, emergency or treatment that requires it

If your pet needs to stay a hospitalized time because they had surgery recently, if needed prolonged treatment or if you want to leave it in the best hands, it will secure at all times, our facilities are best suited to meet all types of pets, from dogs to cats or exotic animals. We know them all to perfection and serve them personalized way, with the same care with which they treat their owners.

Hospitalization is the best guarantee that a pet will be restored completely and in the shortest possible time, something that may not achieve at home as quickly. Our top 10 veterinary professionals are the best guarantee for it.

They also cater veterinary emergencies of all kinds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and have insurance veterinary care for all kinds of animals: puppies, adult and geriatric animals, contact us if you want more information about it or any other subject.



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